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Laughter is said to be older than language. Even animals laugh. It is one of the most natural and beneficial things you can do for your body and mind. Whether you snort, chortle, cackle, exude a huge belly laugh, or have a weird little giggle that's ever so characteristic of you, laughter is the best medicine. It's a preventative medicine for almost every ailment! Science agrees and urges us all to lighten up and squeeze out more laughs every day. Researchers says that people who love to laugh are healthier and happier. Here's a list of ten reasons why.

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爱笑的人更加健康的十大原因 非常美文

10.They have reduced stress.

In a recent study at the Indiana State University, researchers found that laughter can not only reduce stress, but also improve the chances to survive cancer and HIV. The simple act of chortling can soothe tension throughout the body and also lower the body's stress hormones.


9.They have decreased feelings of anxiety and fear.

Since feelings of anxiety and fear can be detrimental to your emotional health, people who love to laugh have a huge advantage over those who are grumpy and never laugh at all. That's because laughter releases the feel-good hormones dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. These little guys work to improve your mood, enhance your experiences and ease feelings of fear and anxiety.
因为焦虑感和恐惧感会不利于情绪健康,所以爱笑的人比脾气暴躁的人和从来不笑的人更有优势。这是因为笑会释放感觉良好的激素,如多巴胺,羟色胺和内啡肽。而这些小家伙们又会努力改善你的情绪,增加你的经验,减轻你的焦虑感和恐惧感。 非常美文

8.They have improved respiratory health.

Laughter flushes the lungs with fresh air and helps you breathe more deeply. People who love to laugh inadvertently stretch their lungs, increase their heart rate and reinvigorate their entire body when laughing. This is equal to a splash of cool, fresh, rejuvenating water for the respiratory system.
笑有利于肺部吸入新鲜的氧气,有利于我们进行深呼吸。当爱笑的人在笑的时候,他们的肺部扩张,心率增加,全身恢复精力。这就相当于给我们的呼吸系统来了一瓶干净酷爽的回春水。 本文来自非常美文网

7.They have lower chances of heart disease.

A study conducted at The University of Maryland found that there is a link between laughter and cardiovascular health. Laughter causes the tissue that composes the lining of blood vessels to expand, allowing for better blood flow. In other words, people who love to laugh improve the function of their blood vessels and increase blood flow. This helps protect their heart from diseases.
马里兰大学的一项研究发现笑和心血管健康之间存在着联系。笑会导致血管内壁组织扩大,有利于血液充分流动。换句话说,爱笑的人可以改善血管的功能,增加血流量。这有助于他们远离心脏病。 verywen.com

6.They have an endless supply of natural pain reliever.

People who laugh freely don't need morphine and other pain killers quite as much. That's because the feel-good hormones released into the system when you laugh not only help ease fear and anger, but also help to relieve pain. No wonder more and more people are turning to laughter yoga to ease their troubled minds and bodies. They want to tap into this and other benefits of laughter.


5.They have reduced aggression tendencies.

People who love to laugh tend to be significantly less violent and aggressive in society. That's because laughter offers a healthy outlet for pent up negative emotions of anger and aggression. A simple chuckle; for example, can help defuse a conflict. Even better, laughing has a relaxing effect on the whole body that lasts for up to 45 minutes. This provides important psychological benefits for jolly people.


4.They have an enhanced immune system.

Another health benefit that people who love to laugh enjoy as a result of decreased stress hormones is improved oxygen intake and circulation. Laughter is also a healthy outlet for negative emotions. All of these things come together and boost immunological responses, ensuring laughers stay healthy. The number of T-cells in the body also increases when you laugh, giving the immune system a boost.

3.They get a good, regular mini-workout.

According to research conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, laughter may give the same positive effect as exercise. This finding comes as no surprise considering that people who love to laugh get their shoulders moving and contract their abdominal muscles during an episode of laughter, thereby getting a welcomed mini-workout.
根据巴尔的摩的马兰大学医学院的研究,笑能带来和锻炼同样好的效果。但我们对这一结果感到并不惊讶,因为爱笑的人在笑的时候肩膀在运动,腹部肌肉也相应收缩,因此爱笑的人获得了规律的小型锻炼。 copyright verywen.com

2.They have a radiant, youthful glow.

People who love to laugh have a radiant glow about them that not only makes them look youthful and beautiful, but also attracts others to them. That's right, laughing can actually make you more attractive to others. According to research, men prefer women who laugh at their wit, while women tend to prefer a man who can make them laugh. A beaming smile is the most becoming accessory for your face.


1.They have stronger relationships.

People who bring laughter in their life (IE: by watching a funny movie or TV show, going to a comedy club etc.) and view life through the colorful lens of humor, strengthen bonds of love and increase intimacy. Because laughter can trigger happy feelings and foster emotional connection it also enhances relationships. Break down barriers to your happiness in all your relationships, promote group bonding and enhance teamwork by embracing laughter.
Life's so much better and brighter when we share laughs with one another.
当我们与他人分享笑容的时候,我们的生活是如此多娇。让我们多笑笑吧。 非常美文

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